"As soon as you step into Atlantic Acupuncture's office it seems as if the stress you've built up in your body begins to peel away. I've been a patient of Chris Perry's for two years and through those years his kind spirit has treated me for a menagerie of ailments including migraines, new mommy stress, piriformis syndrome and general well being. In Chris, you will find a true professional whose gift for healing is unparalleled.” 

C.C.-Stamford, CT 


"Chris Perry is the best; pure and simple. I have been going to see Chris for the past five years for all sorts of sports related injuries and I have never been disappointed in his professionalism and his ability to get to the root of the problem and heal it. Every time I have gone to see him, I leave feeling rejuvenated. I constantly recommend him to all of my friends and family."

J.M.-Old Greenwich, CT


"Helped greatly with my anxiety and my sciatica pain in just two sessions. Focused on the customer's needs and absolutely no up-selling. I would recommend highly, a very professional practice."

S.L.-Stamford, CT   


"My life has changed since I met Lisa. I used to suffer from severe allergies and recurring bronchitis - all of that is gone. I don't have to take antihistamines any longer. Lisa is a true and CARING healer! She is attentive to all details of your condition and your well-being beyond what you can see yourself. She is professional and friendly. She provides most holistic and wholesome health care that I've ever experienced."

V.I.-Stamford, CT 


"Mr. Perry’s practice provides simple acupuncture treatments that feature truly individualized care. His attitude is welcoming, friendly, down-to-earth, intelligent, helpful and caring. He is interested in the total well being of the patient and has been concerned with all aspects of my health. His dedication to patient care is extraordinary. At first, I was skeptical of acupuncture but I have enjoyed Mr. Perry’s enthusiasm to educate me about what’s going on with my body. This has helped me understand the value of the treatment.  I highly recommend Mr. Perry for any specific case that requires attention or just for a nice treatment to relieve any tension. The practice offers a pleasant, relaxing environment and I always feel better after treatments."                                                                                

G.M.-Stamford, CT


"The best part of Atlantic Acupuncture’s treatments has been that no two have been the same. Each visit’s treatments are a direct response to my level of back pain combined with other positive and negative stressors occurring in my life. This is the result of Christopher Perry’s philosophy of treating the whole body and mind. His deep knowledge of the various acupuncture treatments is very beneficial. The light filled treatment room is warm and calming and the whole environment is professional, caring and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this practice because I have experienced a significant decrease in my pain."

H.A.-Stamford, CT


"After many weeks of waiting we finally had the ultrasound on Friday and it turn out we are expecting! I guess you did a really good job when you helped us with acupuncture before and after my transfer. Thank you very much for all your help!

T.U.-Milford, CT


"I can not recommend Chris Perry and Atlantic Acupuncture highly enough. I wasn't very optimistic when I ventured down the acupuncture path after physiotherapy and pain medication hadn't addressed my severe back pain. More so considering I am not a "needle guy"! However, after I decided to seek out acupuncture as a part of my prescription for my back pain, I was lucky to meet with Mr. Perry. He is a highly accomplished acupuncturist who will make any patient feel at ease in his office.
     The first treatment was amazing. After his initial examination, he laid out clearly his plan and his treatment strategy. He highlighted the areas he was going to treat and explained. By the time I got home, there was a marked reduction in the pain and a general relaxation in my back. Over the next 4 weeks, I saw a steady improvement and I was back to playing racket ball within 2 months."

V.K. - Norwalk, CT 


"Lisa McLoughlin is a talented Acupuncturist who possesses excellent diagnostic skills and delivers treatment with a deft touch. Within a short period of time, I experienced results that have made difference in the quality of my life and the management of existing health issues."

J.B. - White Plains,  NY